Brendan Reeder, JD, MBA

Vice President, Property Tax

Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Brendan graduated from Texas Tech University in 2016 with both his law degree and MBA. He started his career at a national property tax consulting firm where he soon led his own department that represented a portfolio valuing over $2 billion.

Brendan joined Wayfinder as the Vice President of Property Tax where he has been charged with the expansion and improvement of both real and personal property tax departments.

Brendan has had several works published in professional journals including an article in Texas Tech Administrative Law Journal calling for the improvement of the tax dispute system within Texas.

William Ryan, CPA, CMI

Founder and President

 William Ryan is a Senior Property Tax Agent in Texas.  He is also an Arizona Certified Public Accountant and holds the CMI-Property Tax designation from the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT). He received his bachelor's degree in accountancy from Arizona State University and has been in the property tax field since 2010.

Prior to founding Wayfinder, William was a partner at another national property tax firm and was responsible for crucial cases across the country. His experience covers both real and personal property in many industries.

William founded Wayfinder to specialize in multifamily property taxes in Texas and Florida. Specialization has allowed Wayfinder to provide more consistent results and greater tax savings for clients, surpassing the standard industry results.